SteriFx Antimicrobial Solutions

Personal Decontamination Kits (PDKs)

The Personal Decontamination Kit (PDK), a ready-to-use, lightweight antimicrobial kit that allows first responders to self-decontaminate following exposure to potentially hazardous body fluids. The PDK includes DeconFx, non-toxic solution that destroys microbes within seconds. The kit also supplies gloves, towels and a biohazard bag to store contaminated material, for disposal.

PDK Benefits

  • Decontaminate skin
  • Easy to use, even in emergencies
  • Non-toxic, GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe)
  • Kills HIV, hepatitis and other viruses
  • Kills bacteria and bacterial spores including Anthrax*
  • Inactivates biological and some chemical toxins
  • Non-toxic
  • Hypo-allergenic

The kit contains:

  • 1 bottle of DeconFx, the non-toxic decontaminating solution that kills germs and spores and is safe for skin contact.
  • 1 pair of non-latex disposable gloves
  • 3 disposable towels
  • 2 biohazard bag for disposal of used articles (double bagging)

*DeconFx kills B. subtilis spores, a surrogate target for B. anthracis (the cause of Anthrax)

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