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FreshFx FAQs

Why is FreshFx the best choice for total Pathogen Control?
FreshFx is the most cost effective and versatile pathogen control system available. The system is simple, customized, and safe. Also, SteriFx periodically reviews plant operations and provide suggestions to make your system more efficient.
Is a contract required?
Is FreshFx guaranteed?
Yes. The guarantee is that SteriFx will work with you to optimize your entire pathogen control system.
There is no “silver bullet” for pathogen control. Standard guarantees lock you into systems you may not want later on, often with little recourse. Total process control provides the best pathogen control.
Our goal is to team with you to make your pathogen control successful and cost effective at all times, not just at contract renewal time - guaranteed.
Will my workers be trained to use FreshFx?
Yes. The system is not complicated. FreshFx has been used in processing operations since 2003, so SteriFx is experienced in system orientation. As personnel turnover can impact operations, we also offer refresher training sessions.
How is FreshFx used?
FreshFx can be applied as a rinse, spray, or immersion dip. Because it is water soluble, FreshFx can be easily moved through piping to points of use. Our product can be reused multiple times to increase pathogen control and save water. This is unmatched by any other product. Also, SteriFx will provide advice, technical support and validation for each reuse application.
In what form does it come to the plant?
FreshFx is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 330 gallon totes, bulk truck tank loads, or 55 gallon drums. Normal plant water is added to the concentrate to reach the desired pH level. For most plants 100-120 parts water added to 1 part concentrate will bring the pH to less than 2. Lower pH values allow for better pathogen control.
How safe is FreshFx?
FreshFx is based on one of the safest antimicrobial technologies available - acidity. FreshFx has been shown to be nontoxic, nonirritating and nonsensitizing. Exposure to FreshFx concentrate is comparable to exposure to lemon juice.
Can SteriFx help you with your chillers?
Yes. FreshFx provides a “carryover” of acid on the birds into the chiller. The added acid strengthens chlorine's pathogen-killing ability. In addition, SteriFx can provide an Automated Chiller Management System (ACM) to control levels of FreshFx and chlorine with less effort on your part.
What can SteriFx personnel provide to you?
The SteriFx team has experience to provide excellent pathogen control and efficient processing. SteriFx can perform validations, reviews, and consultations at your request.

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