SteriFx Antimicrobial Solutions

FreshFx® Antimicrobial Solution

As a powerful USDA-approved antimicrobial treatment, FreshFx significantly reduces harmful pathogens.

FreshFx kills Salmonella, E. coli and other disease-causing microbes on raw meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables. FreshFx spray also has been proven effective in killing Listeria, making it suitable for cooked, breaded products.

FreshFx is an easy to use spray, mist or dip that is a breakthrough in meat and poultry processing. Its antimicrobial solution has USDA clearance that allows it to be used directly on foods without rinsing or additional labeling. It is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

FreshFx is safe for skin and eyes, ingestion and inhalation. There are no special or dangerous mixing steps or chemical reactions. FreshFx also has no special storage requirements and there are no required precautions for disposal.

When used as part of a multi-point pathogen control strategy, FreshFx can dramatically reduce microbe counts. Processing plants switching over to FreshFx from TSP see a significant reduction in phosphate levels in their wastewater, and do not need to acidify the chiller. FreshFx can be applied to poultry carcasses anywhere along the processing line.

  • FreshFx can be collected and reused at earlier points along the processing line. Product activity remains high after initial use.
  • USDA/FSIS, following a review of the data, approved FreshFx for use as a shelf life extender.

FreshFx Frequently Asked Questions.

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