SteriFx Antimicrobial Solutions


SteriFx has received research grants from DARPA to test the products for the self-treatment of combat wounds to accelerate healing and extend combat effectiveness.

Homeland Security

Measures to protect Homeland Security, military personnel, civilians, and emergency first responders from biological warfare (BW) agents represent a major task for authorities. The decontamination of BW agents on personnel, equipment, buildings, vehicles, and even casualties would be required.

The company’s patented formulations and product range address an array of needs for surface and personal bio decontamination in the first response and remediation markets. When used as directed, the GRAS component based solutions are non-toxic to skin and eyes, yet effective applications for use in mass bio decontamination and personal decontamination while preserving the ability to obtain further information on the offending toxin.

EMS / First Responders

SteriFx is developing simple yet powerful contamination control treatments intended for use by First Responders. The products will be incorporated into a variety of delivery mechanisms that address their needs for safe, effective and convenient solutions to the hazards faced on a daily basis.

The initial product in the First Responder portfolio is a ready-to-use, lightweight antimicrobial Personal Decontamination Kit that allows first responders to self-decontaminate following exposure to potentially hazardous body fluids.

Institutional / Industrial Disinfectants

The company has received EPA clearance for use of certain formulations as hard surface disinfectants, providing a less toxic alternative to currently used products. The disinfectant is safe for users and can replace numerous noxious chemicals currently used in institutional markets. The products can disinfect, eliminate unpleasant odors and prevent the development of resistant pathogens - eliminating the need for multiple products.

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