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SteriFx has had FreshFx Antimicrobial Solution cleared as processing aid for meat and poultry since 2003.


SteriFx has had FreshFx Antimicrobial Solution cleared as processing aid for meat and poultry since 2003. It is easy to use as no active needs to be generated. Simple dilution of a concentrate produces a low pH solution that destroys pathogens.

Capital Equipment is minimal, and the ease of use permits flexible applications for a variety of plant layouts, large or small.

FreshFx solutions are all patented, all GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) compounds that are non-toxic despite the low pH. GRAS status allows for the direct use on food products as a food additive or as a shelf-life extender. No ventilation required.

FreshFx has a solid track record of solving critical antimicrobial problems and demonstrating results. Typical improvements using the FreshFx Antimicrobial Pathogen Control System include:

  • Alleviate Safety Concerns - Safe, Non-Toxic Solution
  • Improve Product Quality - Reduce Product Contamination
  • Provide Water Reuse and Antimicrobial Product Savings
  • Improve Air Quality - No Off-Gassing
  • Activates Chlorine Based Antimicrobials
  • Flexible System Configuration - Responsive to Pathogen Load

Customized Pathogen Control:

SteriFx can perform a complete review of your plant’s operations, current interventions, site possible sources of cross-contamination, and chiller management practices. The adaptability of our systems and ease of application due to the safety of our products, make it ideal for customizing applications for your operations. The low capital costs also make our interventions feasible for even very small operations. Plant layout configuration and pathogen control goals are taken into consideration when designing the critical elements of the system for each customer application.

Regulatory Clearances

Current regulatory clearances include:

  • GRAS status (FDA, 2002)
  • Processing Aid for meat & Poultry (USDA, 2003)
  • OLR Approval - FreshFx C-12 (USDA, 2004)
  • No-Rinse Required, post chill (USDA, 2006)
  • OLR Approval - FreshFx L-12 (USDA, 2007)

On-Line Reprocessing (OLR) - FreshFx C-12 and FreshFx L-12

SteriFx can supply two products for OLR based on our proprietary technology based on low pH-killing of pathogens. Both can be used for OLR or as a processing aid, and each can be re-used to provide additional steps of antimicrobial control as well as water savings.

Post-Chill Rinse (PCR), no rinse required

As a post-chill rinse, FreshFx can reduce pathogens exiting the chiller, as well as limiting the number of spoilage-causing organisms on your product. The rinse from this application can be used to acidify chiller water, providing extra antimicrobial punch to the chlorine.

Automated Chiller Management (ACM)

SteriFx recognizes the importance of the chiller to serve as a “polishing” or “finishing” kill for pathogens. Manual control relies on production floor measurements and manually adding chlorine, etc. This can lead to peaks and valleys of chlorine levels and of noxious fumes. SteriFx can supply Automated Chiller Management systems to better control pH, chlorine, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP).

In-plant Biomapping and Validation Studies

SteriFx can help to validate applications by providing protocols, microbiological data summaries, and final reports for Food Safety Audits, customer inquiries, or governmental agencies. Examples of such are available upon request.

FreshFx Guarantee

Pursuant to the requirements of the Food Safety and Inspection Service, United States Department of Agriculture, SteriFx certifies that use of the product, FreshFx, is:

  • Non-toxic, as a spray, rinse, dip or acidifier in poultry processing facilities;
  • Efficacious, as an on-line reprocessing agent, as an aid to the reduction of food-borne microorganisms responsible for spoilage and/or cross- contamination, as a shelf-life extender or as an acidifier;
  • Compliant with all U.S. Federal regulations, containing only compounds that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for direct or indirect addition to food; and,
  • FreshFx will have no deleterious effect on the meat or poultry being processed.
  • As verified by independent laboratory testing, FreshFx is non-toxic by oral, dermal and inhalation routes. Neither is it an eye irritant, skin irritant or a skin sensitizer.
  • In the spirit of responsible product stewardship, we offer the following regarding the product’s effectiveness vs Salmonella, E. coli and other pathogenic species:
  • FreshFx will serve to kill and/or remove Salmonella, E. coli, and other pathogens from carcasses, pieces, and cuts when applied according to instructions.
  • SteriFx recognizes the uniqueness of each plant and application, and will work with plant personnel to assure proper concentration and application to maximize efficacy against any pathogen or spoilage-causing organism.
  • In plant data and independent laboratory studies confirming efficacy of FreshFx against Salmonella, E. coli and other pathogens are available upon request.

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